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There is no age limit to bicycling because it is a low-impact sport. Bicycling is environmentally friendly too. Niwa Cycling Tours are organized by experts whose choice of routes and ride format, whether it be MTB or road biking, will guarantee satisfaction to all types of customers. Let us ride together to make new discoveries.

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Would you like to enjoy cycling in Japan by self-guided tour? 
A self-guided cycling tour is an independent tour where you cycle without a guide but we make travel arrangements and provide route recommendations and helpful tips.   

If you need English speaking guide...
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[SCHEDULE] 1.Check our schedule on our Japanese website, or contact us via e-mail, fax or phone.
2.Sign up to join our tours from the web, or contact us by e-mail, phone or fax.
3.Details of the tours will be sent to you by e-mail.
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[SKILL RATINGS] We use a skill rating system from first timers to skilled bikers for our MTB tours.
We can accommodate riders of all levels.
Level 1=first time bikers
Level 5=experienced MTB rider who feel comfortable riding single track, unpaved roads.
[BIKE RENTAL] Bike rental fee is included for City Ride and Fitness Ride, Egnlish speaking guide tour.
MTB tour for Japanese participants can rent a MTB for 3000 yen per day.

President :  Takashi Niwa


Through Niwa Cycling Tours (URL: that he founded and runs, Takashi Niwa actively organizes cycling tours and guides people to many places in Japan and the world, from back alleys of Tokyo to remote villages in Tibet. Takashi, an avid cyclist, has traveled many countries by bike including Montana in the Unites States, where he worked as a tour guide. On top of many books and guides which he has authored, Takashi hosted a TV series on cycling and cycle touring by NHK, public broadcaster of Japan. A Specialized Rider.

Self-guided tour

Would you like to enjoy cycling in Japan by self-guided tour?
A self-guided cycling tour is an independent tour where you cycle without a guide but we make travel arrangements and provide route recommendations and helpful tips.

First, we will ask you by e-mail about your wishes and conditions for your tour and help plan your own trip by:
-setting a tour itinerary, and
-reserving accommodations and, if desired, arranging domestic travel.
Setting a tour itinerary Model routes:

We have thirty model routes covering most of Japan to choose from and plan your trip upon. Each route is about 300 kilometers in total distance and we will prepare a customized itinerary that suits your needs and likings, in consideration of the number of days available for the tour, cycling distance per day, strenuousness of the route and so on.


Then, we will send you the data of a recommended route as well as lodging and other information via e-mail. The route data will be in GPX format, which is compatible with most GPS devices and smart phones.
Reserving accommodations and arranging domestic travel Please let us know of your budget and preferred type of accommodation (western-style hotel / Japanese-style ryokan / B&B-like minshuku). We will then select a right lodging for you accordingly. Please note that we may choose a facility without checking it on-site.
A lodging stay in Japan often comes with dinner and/or breakfast. Please inform us of your food preferences and allergies so that we can let your lodging facilities know in advance.
Charges for self guided tour-Planning fee
3,000 yen per person, per cycling day
-Accommodation charge
plus 10% of accommodation charge.
As for the accommodation charge, please pay directly to the hotel.
-A hard copy of the map 
3,000 yen.

-GPS rental
1,500 yen per device, per cycling day.

Arranging domestic travel
plus 10% of a booking fee 
Other services

<Arranging domestic travel (optional)>
Upon request, we will also arrange your domestic travel at a booking fee of 10% of the transportation fare.

We will advise you where to eat lunch (and recommendations).

Bike rentals

<Bike rentals>
Rental bikes are available for those customers capable of performing basic bike maintenance, including removing and assembling front and rear wheels, handle bars and pedals.

<Other items for rental (charge per day of rental)>
Cross (hybrid) bike: 3,000 yen
Rear pannier rack, pannier bag and handle bar bag (set): 1,000 yen
Helmet: 500 yen
Tool kit (Allen wrenches/hex keys, pedal wrench, lube, flat repair kit, two tubes): 500 yen.



<Security deposit for rental bikes>
Security deposit of 30,000 yen per bike is needed for one rental. Upon the return of your bike with no damage exceeding fair and normal wear and tear, your deposit will be refunded in full. In case of such excess damage, repair cost will be assessed and such amount will be deducted from the refund of security deposit.

<Delivering bicycles>
We will send a bicycle to your hotel at the start packed in a large bike bag. After assembling your bike, you can forward the bike bag to the hotel at the finish so that you can travel light. At the finish, please pack the bike in the bag as it was packed before and send it back to us. The round-trip shipping cost will be 10,000 yen per bike.

Notes on NCT self-guided tours Any communications to us during self-guided tours can only be made via e-mail in Japanese or English. Specifically, we may not have English speaking staff available on phone. Please also note that most accommodations do not have English speaking staff.
Contact us Please contact us by email.
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